brand ambassador london meetup

Brand Ambassador London meetup


This November saw the latest BA Meet Up take place in Central London at the modern London Metropole Hotel.  

The top performing Brand Ambassadors from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe got a chance to network and share their skills for the day. The meeting was followed by a sightseeing tour on a traditional London (party) bus to wind down  and after the sightseeing and a few refreshments on the bus. The Brand Ambassadors were treated to some authentic street food at Dinerama. From there they headed on to party the night away at Cirque le Soir  complete with magicians, fire breathers and contortionists. What a day!

Sales Coaches Paul Dooley and Emmy Doherty represented XR Marketing on the day.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Having had the amazing opportunity to attend my second BA meet Up within my first year of being in the company, first Paris and now London. I once again was able to expand my network again and expand my sales and coaching knowledge. The interoffice networking was unbelievable, mixing with the top 10% of the industry from all over Europe. I was able to gain a lot more insight into how others coach their teams. I also had the opportunity to break comfort zones and do a little bit of public speaking on Personal Recruiting and what techniques I use myself.
Since returning from London I have revised my quarterly plan to implement some of the tips and techniques explained to us at this summit. The opportunity to travel was never available to me in previous workplaces and it is something I see as a great motivator.”

– Emmy

“As a new Sales Coach who has only been in the company for a few weeks, I didn’t really know what to expect from my first BA Meetup. I just wanted to jump into it and see what I could learn from it all. Have to say; I was totally blown away. I got to meet some of the highest performing Business Owners. As well as networking with some amazing BA’s and leaders from all over Europe. My favourite topic was the topic run by Antonio Otero on the reasons why people can fail in our business. I also really enjoyed the topic on social media and Personal Recruiting. It gave me a chance to stand up. A chance to share my experiences with the room and to hear about some of the innovative ways in which other people are approaching it. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I learned a great deal from it. That already helped me to develop my own brand and my skills in the field.”

– Paul

We look forward to a new meet up.


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