Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam

Brand Ambassador meetup in Amsterdam


Last week two of our Brand Ambassadors, Shane Walsh and Niall McAree were hand selected to represent XR Marketing at a Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam. After touching down in Amsterdam Shane and Niall made their way to the Hotel. It was none other than the luxurious 5 Star NH Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam city. The Friday consisted of a day of education, learning and networking from the best within the organisation. After the Brand Ambassador Meetup Shane and Niall were wined and dined like the International Business men they are at the Supperclub Cruise Ship! What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam 😉

It was a great learning and networking opportunity with all expenses covered. They got some tips on sales jobs, how to perform well in a sales job. Also they have learnt how to improve their selling skills from the most influential people in the industry. The Investment made by Daryl Burrowes has already seen a return upon the return of Niall and Shane to the Dublin and Cork Office. Sharing the knowledge received with their fellow Brand Ambassadors developing consistency while maintaining a high standard in the sales industry. But don’t be mistaken, guys had a lot of fun as well, after all it is Amsterdam. 🙂

Here’s what they have to say about the Brand Ambassador Meetup:


“I would like to thank Daryl Burrowes for the opportunity to go to the BA meet up in Amsterdam. It was fantastic experience learning from some of the best people in our industry. Knowing that I have access to such an extensive network of successful people provides the tools to progress and move forward. It was an amazing trip with a great location, fantastic venue and amazing people”

–    Shane Walsh


“I wholeheartedly want to thank all the team at XR Marketing, Daryl Burrowes and Peter O’Regan for the opportunity to go to the BA meet up in Amsterdam. What a surreal experience! I was never as intent on learning in my life.  But what really left a lasting legacy was being in such a successful environment and the opportunity to build a network of likeminded individuals. Furthermore the development of such a network will serve me well for years to come.

Thanks again.”

–    Niall McAree


Guys came back full of stories, and were extremely happy and grateful for the given opportunity.

Our next trip is to Ibiza in October, who’s coming with us?


Posted by: XR Marketing

25 August, 2016


Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam      Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam     Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam     Brand Ambassador Meetup in Amsterdam