Brand Ambassador Paris meet up

Brand Ambassador Paris meet up


Brand Ambassador Paris Meet up

Last week we sent 4 of our best new Leaders to a Brand Ambassador Paris meet up. Emmy Doherty, Natalia Lenovich, Cian McMahon and Dave Finn congratulations once again, you deserved it. They started working with us just few months ago, and already got a chance to participate in the highly anticipated meet up with the most influential people from our industry like Simon Murphy, Emma Doherty, August Cox Taylor, Stephen Shortt, Valere Martin, Lawrence Lenzi, Tony Otero and many more.

After arrival on Friday night, and some networking it was time for bed so the guys would be fresh and rested for the day of networking and learning on Saturday. We really hope you had a great time and we were delighted to invest in you all. Since coming back they are highly motivated and all looking forward to the next trip. No doubt you will continue perform and only get better!

That’s enough talk from us, here is what they had to say about Paris:

One off the bucket list! Huge thank you to everyone who’s helped me to where I am today. And huge thanks to everyone who is going to stand behind me for the rest of my journey. 3 months ago if you had of told me that I’d quit my job, take a risk at doing something I had never done before and that I would end up being flown to Paris on a business trip because there was people in the business that believed in my potential, I would have fallen over laughing! Fantastic opportunity, excellent networking! Here is to the next Brand Ambassador meet up. THANK YOU! Here’s to the future!!

      – Emmy Doherty

Seven weeks in XR Marketing and I got an amazing opportunity to fly to Paris for a high performers meet up. It was an amazing two days. I got to hear from the top guys in the business and in addition travel for work. An opportunity I’d never had before. Getting the chance to talk to people who are now, where I want to be in the future but who have been where I am now, was inspiring and highly motivating.

      – Natalia Leonovich

We are looking forward to seeing you one the next one.

Posted by: XR Marketing

18 May, 2016