how to get perfect graduate job with no experience

How to get that perfect Graduate job with no experience


Fresh out of college and looking for a graduate job? Exhausting, we know. It’s hard when you are looking for that perfect graduate job with no experience, and most companies specify at least 2 years of work experience. Catch 22! So how can you get around it?

Here are a few steps to help you out:

  1. Write a well-structured CV

Make sure you write your CV with a distinct structure. Mention your college activities and achievements as well as extra-curricular clubs, volunteer work etc. Your future employee will appreciate your proactivity. It demonstrates you are someone who can go the extra mile as well as having good social skills. Sometimes experience isn’t the most important factor. It’s all about presenting your skills properly. Check out some CV templates 

  1. Research the company

Find out as much as you can about the company, when they registered the business, how many employees they have, what is the work ethic and their core values. This is a good start of the conversation. If your potential employer sees you are interested in the company, he/she will be more likely to offer you a job even without any experience. Good place to start is here, check interview questions and answers.

  1. Prepare your answers in advance

A popular interview format is competency based interview. Try going through as many questions you can and think of the specific situations you demonstrated skills the new workplace is looking for. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t a work situation. It can be from your personal life, college, or even sport, anything that will show your skills.

  1. Apply for internships or volunteer

This is an excellent way to get basic experience and no previous knowledge is required. However, most internships are not payed. Therefore if you can afford to do it financially we would highly recommend it, if not maybe try arranging different terms, working 2 or 3 days per week.

  1. Let your motivation and passion shine through

Last but certainly not least important is to convey your motivation, passion and ambition. Your CV shows lack of work experience, and that is something you can’t avoid therefore you need to show your potential future employer you are worthy of a role. You wouldn’t believe how many times employers choose personality over experience. However you need to show them you are a cultural fit and what you can bring to the table.

We hope we’ve helped with those 5 interview tips.

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graduate job with no experience