How to succeed in a sales job

How to succeed in a sales job

 So you want to know how to be successful in a sales job and become a better salesperson?

We took a look at 5 top ranked articles on how to land that perfect sales job and how to be succeed once you start. All of them agreed on one thing, to be successful in a sales job you need to put your customer’s needs first. It’s not about you, it’s not about your commission,  it is about your customer needs and wants in that moment. It is about listening to what they say and acting upon it consistently. Your attitude is everything, listen what your customer has to say, give them your suggestions but don’t be pushy. At the end of the day it’s also about working together and coming to a solution.

1.) The 10 Laws of Sales Success

This article advises on how to conduct yourself with a potential customer. It’s all about the prospect, not about your sales and your commission.

2.) Achieve Sales Success by Mastering 5 simple steps. 

This great little read from Salesforce is all about how to master sales simply. Having the right attitude towards your sales job and targets are the key. In other words, you need to be communicative, self-motivated, committed, and creative in resolving problems. Having a student mentality and willingness to develop your skills are a must.


First year on your new sales job? No problem…

3.) How to have a great first year in sales 

Top tip from this article; focus on making a difference and not making a sale. So if you’re a new sales professional and you’d like to not only survive your first year but thrive at your sales job, your ears will come in handier than your mouth will!

4.) 8 Important Traits of Successful Sales people

If you’re considering changing to a career in sales make sure you fit the required job description. Business News Daily discusses the 8 Important Traits of Successful Sales people. Their verdict; to be successful in a sales job you need to be confident, never pushy, always on, resilient, extroverted, a good listener and able to multitask.

5.) 10 reasons why top salespeople are successful  

Last but not least 10 reasons why top sales people are successful.  Bottom line, they really love what they do ! Love your job and everything becomes much easier. Being goal orientated also helps you in your sales career. Most adults don’t write their goals down but studies have shown that this increases the likelihood of them being hit so go on, start that goal chart today!

So there you have it: our top five articles on how to be successful in a sales job. Do you have a favorite article or some advice that stood you in good stead? Let us know in the comments below. 

Posted by: XR Marketing

27 June, 2016