Rising Star conference

Rising Star Conference


On March 5th 2016 we were delighted to attend the Ireland Q1 Rising Star Conference

These meeting are designed as a centralized coaching session for everyone contracted to our various marketing companies across Ireland. A chance to get everyone into one place to hear advice and instructions from some of the best Marketing Company owners in the industry.

The day was hosted by our very own Daryl Burrowes. He was talking about the changes in the work force over the past few years. And as well about the emergence of ‘The Gig Economy’ and how more and more people are now, more then ever looking to balance there working life with the personal life. Daryl referred to the increasing culture of how people now want to work when they want to work. Very often they crave an environment that’s different to tradition. An environment where they are their own ‘boss’ where they are accountable to only themselves. Daryl went on to talk about how our industry is changing for the better.  And how the ultimate goal is for our people to earn more money by working less hours.

We heard from sensational speakers. One overseas guest that we flew in for the day, Dan Meredith, talked about how this industry teaches us so many important and priceless skills. He talked about the fact that whether you work alongside us for a month or a year or a decade… One thing is for guaranteed. You will be a better communicator, have better focus, understand the sales process further and have something truly unique on your CV.

Our other overseas guest,  Melina Shrownek, talked about the importance of innovation. She mentioned that our business model embraces those who break from the norm and find new ways to get the same result, quite often in a quicker time frame.

We also heard from some of our own talent pool, Graham McCarty, Ger Linane and Sharon McCaffrey, all great speakers.

Over all the day was a massive success. Now is the count down to our Q2 meeting on June 18th.

We might see you there ………..


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14 March, 2016

Rising Star Conference

Rising Star conference



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