Sales Coaching


Sales coaching is “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them”  – Whitmore 2003


XR Marketing offer a consultative approach to sales coaching tailored by your individual requirements, ranging from Executive, Team and Sales Coaching.

We work with you on specific campaign requests, and coaching is always tailored to your specific needs. As no company is the same, neither is out approach to creating a solution for you. We will meet with you, listen to your specific requirements, gain an understanding of your end goals and your business model and then decide a course of action.

We are one of Ireland’s leading sales companies with over 10 years of sales experience contacting customers face to face via residential, business to business and events campaigns. Our unique coaching program has been developed through our significant sales experience and with our target driven approach we can guarantee you will like the results!

Whether you are Manager, Business Owner, Brand Ambassador or just someone interested in changing into a sales career, we are here to help you, and guide you on your journey. All you need is for someone to show you the way.


Executive Coaching

Executive work is more demanding than ever. As an Executive, you need to be able to develop quality relationships with your Manager’s and your team at the same time. You need to be able to make decisions in a fast-paced environment and not lose the personal touch. It can be hard to drive a team and at the same time keep everyone happy and performing. That’s where we come in.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your existing leadership skills
  • Develop high performing sales teams
  • Deal effectively with conflict
  • Handle change
  • Increase sales ROI
  • Build well performing teams
  • Be a leader everyone wants to follow
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Develop presentation skills


Team Coaching

Developing a team that works effectively together requires the right team dynamic, understanding and work ethic. In order to achieve this, the team needs the right motivation. Teams are motivated when they believe that their work is worthy, goals are set correctly and that they are an asset to the company. Ultimately recognition is the key driving factor when the team realises their potential. Here is where we come in.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a well performing team
  • Train the team in the aspects you require for your business
  • Make them realise the importance of their work
  • Develop a relationship within your team
  • Overcome a fear of public speaking
  • Reward your team
  • Set goals correctly


Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is a must for most companies. Through our extensive experience we know that sales skills are not something you’re born with. It’s a process of constant learning, development, and implementation. We have coached more than 10,0000 Brand Ambassadors since we opening our doors. Sales coaching is easy to implement, fun to learn and what’s most important; it’s measurable. Therefore you will see immediate ROI generated from coaching with us if implemented in the recommended ways. As a Sales Manager, you need to constantly invest in your coaching, otherwise you will be missing valuable opportunities. It’s an ongoing process, and to be successful you need to always be up to date with latest techniques. Research from The Corporate Executive Board Company shows that “Sales Reps who receive just three hours of coaching a month exceed their goals by 7%, boosting revenue by 25% and increasing the average close rate by 70%”.

Sales coaching with XR Marketing includes:

  • Developing a high performing team
  • Breaking down goals and learning how to hit them consistently
  • Engaging the potential customer
  • Working with different demographics
  • Law of Averages for your industry
  • Developing sales & customer service skills



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