Colin Baker

We invited Daryl Burrowes to one of our internal staff training evenings as we were conscious that although the services we offered were second to none, we were inclined not to actually “sell” it. We knew Daryl by his sterling reputation in developing leads and sales but nothing could have prepared us for what was to follow. In one evening he not only changed our approach to how we present our services but he genuinely excited all present to really let the world know what we had to offer.
I would recommend to ANY business – get Daryl talking to your sales staff- he is ELECTRIC!
Colin Baker Tech Presenter, Back from the future

Declan O Reilly

I’ve always worked, since I was 10. Semi-retired and I looked for something to do, joining XR Marketing is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s so rewarding, helping charities, as I have been more fortunate than most. I’ll keep going till my legs allow me to do so. XR Marketing as a company is very easy going, very relaxing with the friendly atmosphere. Opportunities for travel are awesome, we’re travelling every month somewhere, so if you’re planning on joining us be sure you have a passport 🙂 Our MD is one in a million, he’s so easygoing and inspiring individual. Would highly recommend XR Marketing if you’re looking for a work, experience or a chance to try something new.

Declan O Reilly Team Leader, XR Marketing

Nicky McGrath

I was working in construction as a steel erector when the Irish economy changed drastically a few years back. Having a young daughter, my responsibilities meant I could not wait for things to get better. I had to find a way to make them better. Working at XR originally was a chance for a guy with no experience to gain new skills. My idea was to get experience and eventually work in retail. That changed when I heard about the opportunities for progression within the company. In my time there I have helped open new locations, launch new divisions and travel to Paris, Canada, Holland and the UK. While here I have become FETAC certified in sales and marketing, but most important for me I have been given the chance to learn and improve my skills in sales, public speaking, administration and leadership roles.

Nicky McGrath Team Leader, XR Marketing

Christina Trieu

Working with XR Marketing has been amazing journey. I’ve been given many opportunities to develop myself through networking and traveling. So far I have traveled to Sweden, Holland and the UK. Along the way I have, of course experienced challenges. However I just had to learn to adapt and ultimately those challenges made me stronger. In the next few months I plan to be running my own campaign. I look forward to all of my hard work paying off. My top tips would be, give 100% everyday, be willing to learn, take advice and keep improving to progress in the business.

Christina Trieu Sales Director, XR Marketing

Richie Reynolds

My time at XR Marketing was invaluable experience to me. As well as thoroughly enjoying my time there it’s the investment and training that XR provided me that now I appreciate the most. Their team are not only experts in the area of sales but perhaps even more importantly, personal development. I’ll tell anyone that will listen that the opportunities that I’ve been lucky enough to have had since I left, simply wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for XR Marketing. When I joined it was already predetermined that my contract was only for 6 months as I was returning to study. Unlike the majority of the team, I wasn’t there specially for brilliant promotional and development opportunities. In reflection, what was incredible, was that this was impossible to tell. I was looked after, invested in and treated as well as anyone else if not better.
At XR Marketing it’s not numbers and sales which drives business, it’s the people. It is genuine and unequivocal people first strategy which has organically manifested an incredible culture within the business. A selfless culture where there the performance of the team over the individual is appreciated more than any organization I’ve been in to date.

Richie Reynolds Google Accounts Strategist, Google
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