Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6

Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6


After a highly successful 2015 , 2016 is set to be a massive year for the XR organisation! We decided to be creative and here’s how all started and how we got an idea for

Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6

… Now let’s explain…

We have seen amazing strides forward at our flagship location in Harcourt St over the last 12 months. Managing Director, Daryl Burrowes, has successfully led a team working with a brand new campaign, Ireland’s fastest growing Irish owned company, Homesecure. That coupled with one of the strongest administration teams we have ever assembled. We are expecting huge things in Dublin for 2016.

Within that team Mark Bradley and Alan Cleary have really stepped up to the plate and we have some great emerging talent including Will Griffith, Marko Laser and Emmy Doherty.

Within the fundraising team Christina Trieu has shown everyone how ambitious she is and is in the process of developing some brand new core strength. Declan O Reilly continues to generate in excess in 10,000 euros for Temple Street each week.
Whilst in Limerick things are looking good we have seen Shane Reilly take the reigns and are progressing in all areas along our Star recruiter Chole Slingsby.

Louise Flannery and Peter O’Regan are continuing to fly the XR Flag working alongside Irish cancer society in Cork. Week on week we see them hitting record targets and growing steadily with the help of Jessica Spillane and Sinead O’Donovan.

However we are only just scratching the surface.

Within the next 12 months our goal is to open locations in Dundalk, Athlone and Kilkenny. Not to mention our increased involvement within the market in France. Even more exciting than that, our plan to move to Barcelona. It’s not until the middle of 2017 but it is very much underway. In order for us to hit these goals, recruitment is very much the name of the game. In the past two months we have hired Anja Basaric, SEO Analyst. Her goal is to help with the innovation of our recruitment process and try new ways of headhunting talented individuals to join our ever-growing organisation.

As part of her new and innovative ideas we are paying Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6. The goal is to get as much recruitment as possible so we can achieve our goals. If you want to be part of this journey or you know someone who is interested refer him/her. Do it by 20th of May and you will get into the pool where we will draw our lucky winner. Just don’t forget to tell them to mention your name when they come for an initial interview. Take a look at  BrasserieSixty6 and  pick your dinner.

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30 March, 2016

Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6     Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6      Dinner for two in Brasserie Sixty6


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